One Week in Bali: A Great Trip for a Lifetime to Choose

Tour Ubud

Limited time does not mean you have a limited way to enjoy Bali. Plan an itinerary with a Bali cycling tour to experience the best parts of the island.

Are you planning to have a short trip to Bali? What is best about a short visit to a particular place is that you would give your best effort to experience the most of it. Though most people would find that Bali is not a place that you could explore in just several days, you may want to take a look at this itinerary on how to spend one amazing week in Bali.


Cycling Destination in Ubud and Surroundings

Cultural Ubud Ride Tour

Bali’s famous Ubud offers endless destinations for those who want to explore it. Try one of the Ubud cycling tours to enjoy the town in a unique way.

Art, nature, and heritage - those might be the best three words to describe Ubud. As the heart of Bali culture, Ubud never ceases to amuse us with its beauty. While most people prefer to stroll around the famous Ubud’s rice field, it’s now time to experience the area from a different point of view.


Cycling in Bali: Where to Go Biking & Cycling in Bali

Ubud vacation Bali mountain biking

\It’s indeed hard to choose only a few destinations in Bali. Choose the right Bali cycling tour, and you can experience different spots on just one tour.

What is more interesting than lounging around the beaches of Bali? Yes, taking Bali cycling tour can be one of the exciting activities that you can do while vacationing on the island. Fortunately, Bali has a never-ending list of destinations that you can visit.


Cycling Tours to Choose for Your Short Trip in Bali

Ubud paddy rice field trip

Arranging a short trip means you have to spend the time effectively. Find the best cycling tours in Bali to complete your trip.

While some people may prefer to enjoy the salty breeze on the beach and wait for the magnificent sunset on the horizon of Bali coastline, some other may want to find activities that are more challenging. To answer to that, there are cycling tours in Bali that you can join. These cycling tours offer valuable experience in knowing Bali from another picture.


7 Best Cycling Tour in Indonesia

Best Tour in Bali

Discover the hidden paradise in Indonesia by taking one of the best cycling tours in Bali.

There are many reasons why cycling is one of the best ways to explore an area. It is healthy, friendly for the environment, and you can get to explore a place from a closer distance. In Indonesia, there are hidden paradises to discover, and you may only get the chance to experience it by cycling.


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